How do we do social distancing at Coho?

Circles of Solidarity: when the weather permits, decorative chalk circles on the path indicate exactly where to stand to be six feet apart. The visual really helps those of us who are accustomed to a little tighter social spacing get used to the new distance. At the beginning of the shut-down, concerns about minimizing contact led to daily afternoon social distancing meet-ups on the path to check in with each other. On Fridays, the local food co-op delivers groceries to the community. Each participating household orders and pays online. As meals in the common house have been cancelled, Stony and other members of the Sustenance Team, have been organizing group deliveries from various restaurants who are now doing take-out only to survive. We have also had community meals via Zoom.

Jude, Deb, and A on the path using Circles of Solidarity social distancing.
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