Units for Rent

CoHo Ecovillage is an owner-occupied community.
This means all homes are owned by those who live here.
Rental availability is at owner discretion.

Renters go through a membership process prior to move-in.

Two (2) of CoHo's 34 units are rentals. THESE UNITS ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.

Sometimes there are rooms for rent in units occupied by owners. Listed below are the current openings. If nothing is listed below, then no rooms are available. We recommend using Craigslist to find rental housing if you are looking for something soon, otherwise join our CoHo Ecovillage Public Email List on Yahoo to stay in touch about possible rental opportunities.


Rooms for Rent in Townhouse (Building 5)

I have a room for rent in my beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Coho Ecovillage. The good-sized furnished room with closet is light and airy. I’m looking for only one person without pets to rent the room. Non-smoker required. Home is a synthetic chemical fragrance free environment (re: cleaning, personal care, and laundry products).

I want someone who shares our values and is interested in being a part of our community. I am also looking for someone willing to contribute to keeping shared common areas in the home clean. If you have an interest in community organic gardening, you can explore it here.

Townhome with rooms for rent Bedroom for rent in Building 5 Bedroom for rent in Building 5

Rent is $700/month. There is a $350 deposit. Your share of utility and internet bills would run about $30/month.

For more information you can call Linda at 541-738-2819 or email lizcarmine@yahoo.com.