Affiliate Programs

CoHo has two affiliate programs for folks who live off-site but have an ongoing connection to our community.

  1. Friends of CoHo want to support and have social contact with our community.
  2. Associate Members want a deeper level of connection and commitment than Friends of CoHo.

Read more about our affiliate programs on the Membership Options page.

Note:  Affiliates may or may not hope/plan to live on-site in the future.

Units for Rent

CoHo Ecovillage is an owner-occupied community. This means all homes are owned by those who live here. Rental availability is at owner discretion.

Renters go through a membership process prior to move-in.

Please check here for current availability of rentals in CoHo.

We recommend using Craigslist to find rental housing if you are looking for something soon, otherwise join our CoHo Ecovillage Public Email List on Google Groups to stay in touch about possible rental opportunities.

Membership Files for Prospective Owners, Renters, and Associate Members

These membership documents are password protected. They are to be reviewed as part of the steps to become a CoHo member, whether that's as a renter, owner, or associate.

Click here to view the membership documents.