Membership Options

For more information on initial explorations, read Ways to Connect With CoHo Ecovillage.  That overview will enable you to decide if you want to pursue membership.


CoHo has two affiliate programs for folks who live off-site, but have an ongoing connection to our community.

Friends of CoHo

Friends of CoHo want to support and have social contact with our community but for various reasons are not living on site. Friends of CoHo may also be considering becoming Owner Members or Associate Members in the future and want to get to know our community.  There is no cap on the number of Friends of CoHo, though our goal is to have Friends who are local and interact with us often. If you have an interest in becoming a Friend of CoHo, read the following documents and contact us.

Associate Members

The Associate Members program is for nonresidents who want a deeper level of connection and commitment than Friends of CoHo. Associate Members are engaged with CoHo Ecovillage on an ongoing basis, have defined responsibilities and rights, and contribute time, energy and money. This new category of membership was established in the fall of 2011.  You may wish to become a Friend of CoHo first to build connections with the community.  The current cap on the number of Associate Member households is six. If you have an interest in becoming an Associate Member, read the following documents and contact us.


We welcome renters (Resident NonOwners) in our community. Check out current availability at Openings – Units for Rent.  If you are currently considering renting an available room or unit, you are encouraged to contact CoHo’s Membership Team by emailing  We can provide you with support and with opportunities to meet people in the community.

Owner Members

Members of CoHo are owners of units in the community.  The development phase of our project was completed and all units were sold in 2007.  Unit resales are now individual negotiations with unit owners.  If you are interested in purchasing a unit, you can watch our website for future listings of units for sale. You also join CoHoPublic, an email list, via our Contact Us page.  CoHo does not maintain a prioritized “waiting list” or “queue” of potential buyers.

A prospective member seriously considering the purchase of a unit is pursuing two tracks at the same time with a shared deadline. One track involves the legal and financial details in negotiating a purchase. The other track involves the steps in becoming a member of the community.  According to the CoHo Condominium Declaration, only unit owners can be members. Closing on a CoHo unit is the final step in the owner membership process (creating the shared deadline).

The cap on the number of owners is set by the number of units (34); there are no plans for any further residential construction on our property.

Information you will need to make a decision about starting the CoHo membership process is available in the documents listed below.  Read them and contact us for next steps.