Sightings at CoHo – Mysterious Pink Lights

On mid-June sunny mornings, iridescent pink lights shimmer on the pavement for brief periods, in front of buildings 3 & 6, and 2 & 7. The most striking lights appear in the form of a pink bird with a yellow wing, sitting on a pink branch.

Pink light that looks like a bird? It's Katie and the pink light!

This photo is at the foot of the Hervey's path (pink light near Hervey's path).

Pink light on path in front of the Herveys

Years ago, I came upon Mica sitting on the path spitting and furiously rubbing out a pink chalk line. When I asked what he was doing, he replied with his characteristic mischievous, bordering on demonic smile, “I'm destroying the girl color!” I glanced down the path at the crooked pink line extending as far as the eye could see and told him, “I don't think you have enough spit to complete the job.” He let me know that his plan did not require the elimination of the entire line. Given the shimmering pink lights on the path, could it be that the secret powers of the girl color are in their ascendency?

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