Tulip Fairies

Years ago, many cohoots donated bulbs to plant along the entrance to Coho. Then, every year for (I don’t know how many years!) tulip bulbs would mysteriously appear in my cubby each fall. They migrated into the driveway plantings. I suspect the bulb fairie could have been a cohoot who no longer lives here (Juva? Xochil? Mike?) because tulip bulbs quit appearing in my cubby. However, there are other mysterious tulip fairies who plant one or two tulips in various places all over coho. So when you see tulips anywhere at coho, thank a tulip fairie.

Mystery tulips planted by rogue tulip fairie. Could you be the tulip fairie?
Another tuiip fairie installation from bulbs left in cubbie.

One of the most fun things about autumn, as the days get cold, dark, and rainy, is to buy bulbs, plant them in weird places, forget about them, then be surprised in the spring.

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