Coho Chin-Controlled Wheel Chair Challenge (part one)

Mike (no)handily, with a hint of smug sauce on the side, shows Peter how it’s done.

Joey, the Vanquisher. We all need a t-shirt like that.

Mike issued a challenge to Cohoots to try out his extra chin-controlled wheelchair on a precision track. He demonstrated his smooth, precise technique, then the rest of us took a stab at it (which pretty accurately describes the technique of many cohoots).

Sevi scooters the course.

Thomas: our charming coach and technical genius.

Anne makes it look cool.

Aria – the disco belle of the challenge. Smooth moves.

Rob wickedly considers ramming a cone while Stony dances.

Bruce with a triumphant smile.

Stony wonders how he got into this.

Greg, RC geek, mastering the chin control.


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