Even Snails on the Path Do It!

On first glance, this cluster of snails on the path appeared to be having a meeting, convention, or a very quiet party.  However, on closer look, they were connected in pairs, making it more of a snail orgy.  My duty as a gardener probably should have been to destroy the enemy of plants, but some how… I just couldn’t.  It was the wonder-factor.  The wonder-factor also encouraged me to look up snail mating behavior.  Many folks are aware that most snails are hermaphrodites, but did you know about the “love dart?”   To see what a “love dart” is and learn more about it, check out this article (not for the squeamish).  What the article neglects to say is that the snails below could have darted each other and be fertilizing each other’s eggs.  In any case, be looking for clusters of beautiful, translucent, snow white pearls in the soil and take action, if the wonder doesn’t stop you in your tracks.

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