Sightings at CoHo – Praying Mantis

We had a visitor hanging out around the mailboxes…a mantis. Looks like an African Mantis. They are supposed to like temperate and tropical climates, so either Oregon has some nice weather in mid-September or we’re experiencing abnormal climate here (what do you think about climate change?).

mantis-at-coho-20160920_125839 mantis-at-coho-20160916_184716 mantis-at-coho-20160916_184732 mantis-at-coho-20160916_184847 mantis-at-coho-20160916_184907

Not sure if this is a male or female, but it is fall and likely time for them to lay eggs somewhere. Hopefully there’s no male that’s been decapitated!

Early civilizations thought the mantis had supernatural powers. What immediately came to mind when seeing this guy was Mantis from the Kung Fu Panda movies.


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