A Legacy of Beauty: Marking the Passing of friend and neighbor Mike Volpe

Our beloved friend Mike passed away this morning, with his sister, Peg, by his side. In honor of his love for flowers, cohoots visited and left flowers on his body before singing him off to the funeral home. We reminisced about Mike during our scheduled business meeting: his sense of humor, playfulness, and the many times we had to get his wheelchair out of mud because he loved being in nature so much. One of Mike’s greatest legacies at Coho are the trees he planted. The dogwood and crab apple by the driveway, the ginko behind bldg. 2, and the biggest oak in the parking lot, are a few of his children. His masterpiece, though, was the mini forest behind his unit. Many fledglings born behind bldg. 2 spent time in Mike’s little grove, waiting for their siblings to emerge from nest cavities. The last time fledgling chickadees came by Mike’s to say thank you and goodbye was a week and a half ago.

And so we all say “Thank you and goodbye” to our dear friend, Mike. This post will be updated when his celebration of life is announced.

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