The Merry Mask Makers: Cover Corvallis Project

Many attempts were made to get a good photo of our mask-making community, however, between the shadows and the camera not knowing where to focus during social distance sewing, we had to stage a photo (below). Xochil, Judy P., with the ghost of Valerie seen in the window.

Judy Peterman, community member/friend of Coho, organized Cover Corvallis, a Covid-19 mask making project at Coho. Cohoots were covered, along with all of the employees at our local food Co-op (the Co-op received one hundred masks). Donations went to many others in need of masks. Some CoHoots also sew for the Corvallis Sewing Brigade, supplying many working in healthcare, businesses with essential workers, and individuals. We all thank you for this vital service!

Yes, we had to stage this to get them close enough to document. From left to right: Jude, Valerie, Judy P., Xochil, Deb was missing.
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