Education Celebration

CoHo encourages education. Corvallis is one of America’s smartest and highest educated cities. And we had an education celebration for Jeremy who just earned a Master’s Degree in Statistics from Oregon State University. Jeremy already has a PhD, but he wasn’t done getting educated! CoHo has a few PhD’s living here, among others with graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Jeremy enjoying fresh salmon and other treats for his hard-earned statistics degree.

What are the odds that smart people like to make more work for themselves? Pretty good here at CoHo, because instead of burning fossil fuels to easily blend up smoothies we decided to use a bicycle to power a blender! Very rewarding to put in some effort to make something delicious and refreshing on a hot day.

Yes, that’s a bike-powered blender. Muscles, not motors!

Not only do we encourage education, but we encourage using renewable energy sources!

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