Hyperlocal Eating

We do our best to support local businesses and locally grown food. The First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op and Corvallis Sustainability Coalition introduced the concept of “Local 6” products to our community in 2009, those that are “grown, made or processed by a business owned and operated within the six counties touching and including Benton county.

Here at CoHo some of us take the idea of local a little bit further (or closer). Some call this hyperlocal.  

Here’s a lunch consisting of homegrown sweet potatoes (from slips grown at CoHo), plus balsamic cippolini onions and baked garlic, also homegrown. The garlic was eaten on Wild Yeast Bakery‘s Vollkornbrot, because the new bread order had not yet arrived. It arrived during the meal, so we had the new Oregon Country bread with jam for dessert. With local cranberries. How’s that for CoHo hyperlocal?!?

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