Crime Spree at Whispering Winds CoHo Retreat!

The 2016 CoHo retreat was held at Camp Whispering Winds on the weekend of September 17th. There is always fun and games at the retreat (like a version of “cops & robbers”), and this year our fair city was rocked by a wave of robberies on Saturday.

coho-retreat-cops-robbers-20160917_114314 coho-retreat-cops-robbers-20160917_114623

Hard working LEOs turned out in force, attempting to bring the situation under control.

coho-retreat-cops-robbers-20160917_114341 coho-retreat-cops-robbers-20160917_114545

The court system was swamped. Observers raised concerns that the pressure to convict led to hasty decisions and profiling. Every blonde brought before the court was deemed guilty.

coho-retreat-cops-robbers-20160917_115508 coho-retreat-cops-robbers-20160917_120200

The social stigma of a conviction is severe.


This man was brought to court on four occasions, protesting police harassment each time.

coho-retreat-cops-robbers-20160917_114942 coho-retreat-cops-robbers-20160917_115112

Even this reporter suffered the loss of some valuables. I was able to documented the incident in these compelling photographs.

coho-retreat-cops-robbers-20160917_114505 coho-retreat-cops-robbers-20160917_114511

The perpetrator was eventually brought to justice, but the property was never recovered.

It highlights a deficiency in our system:  organized crime continues to pay handsomely for some individuals. Despite the danger to myself, I feel it’s my duty as a journalist to identify KATIE, 12, as a receiver of stolen goods, cornering the market on marbles, wands, and jewels through nefarious means.


Story and photos provided by Elizabeth C.


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