Two Monarch Butterflies Released

Our pet Monarchs have finally turned into butterflies after being in cocoons for about two weeks. We tried to keep an eye on them during the process of coming out of their cocoons, but only saw them right after hatching.

The first one came out on August 9th, where the other guy was still sleeping.

Monarch buttefly 20160809_173100 Monarch buttefly 20160809_173157

A couple days later, the other cocoon started to change. Very interesting to see the transformation into what looks like the pattern of butterfly wings. Within a couple hours it was a butterfly!

Monarch buttefly 20160811_082634 Monarch buttefly 20160811_110046 Monarch buttefly 20160811_110124

After turning into butterflies, we let them dry their wings in the terrarium and be better prepared for their release. Both of these guys were set free and some of us got to see them flutter away. Hopefully they’ll live a prosperous life with many pollinations and that we’ll see them back at CoHo one day!

Monarch buttefly 20160811_110225 Monarch buttefly 20160811_145631

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