CoHo’s Newest Pets – Monarch Caterpillars

Our newest pets (the Monarch caterpillars) were invited to a community meal, where they munched on some fresh milkweed.

These guys eat, sleep, and poop all day. Yummy! Hang on! Taking bites out of the leaves!

Since these guys (or are they gals?) are rapidly growing and in need of some protected space, a special home was put together for them. All material was found around CoHo, including the donated aquarium tank that has been turned into the Monarch caterpillar terrarium.

Material found around CoHo. The Monarch caterpillars' new home. Lots of milkweed to eat. Kids love new pets!

And we've got plenty of milkweed growing around the community, so they will be well fed. We're excited to see these guys and will be watching as they grow, cocoon, and turn into butterflies!

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