National Cohousing Open House Day: April 30, 2016

Join us for National Cohousing Open House Day

On April 30th, CoHo Ecovillage & Oakleigh Meadow will be offering tours for anyone interested in knowing more about what cohousing is all about. Download the flyer here.

Other communities participating in this year's open house can be found at

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What's going on at CoHo Ecovillage?

The FREE two‐for‐one tour starts at 10:30 AM at CoHo Ecovillage in Corvallis. It’s work‐party day, so visitors will see CoHoots in action around our 6.8‐acre site. Learn first‐hand what it’s like living in a caring, sharing community 8 years after move‐in. With luck, the sun will be out and you can bask in the beautiful rainbows inside the common house that are lured in by Peter Erskine's unique solar art installation.

Here's how to contact CoHo Ecovillage:

1975 SE Crystal Lake Dr, Corvallis OR 97333

What's going on at Oakleigh Meadow?

Come by at 3:00 PM to see the beautiful location for Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing. Our cozy set of 28 homes will be nestled in a meadow, within walking distance to the Willamette River and just a 15‐minute ride down the bike path to downtown Eugene. Architectural drawings will show you the building plans. Community members will show you what a great group of people we are! Come and see what we’re about!

Here's how to contact Oakleigh Meadow:

300 East Blair Blvd, Eugene OR 97402

Within Reach movie - CoHo Ecovillage Common House @ 5:00 PM

CoHo will be showing the movie Within Reach in the Common House starting at 5:00 PM.  It's free!  See below for the film trailer.

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