Birth of Seven Cheeps

The newest arrivals to CoHo are celebrated with a song.

The tune, in the video below, celebrates the birth of seven chicks and is patterned after the event.  As the chicks were born more and more cheeps were heard as each chick came out of the egg.

The first two measures use a single note - 'D' (one chick).  The next phrase uses two notes - 'D' and 'E' (two chicks).  This pattern repeats until the final phrase where there's seven notes.  Breath marks (look like commas) were added in the sheet music so you can see where each cheap is born!

Birth of Seven Cheeps song
There's so many musically talented people here at CoHo and there's a good chance that you'll hear music being played any time you're out in the community.

Special thanks goes out to The Kimdons for bringing more chicks to CoHo and sharing their song!

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