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In the past year, a team of CoHoots has been spearheading work on upgrading the area around our common house. A path was relocated, plantings were added, our recycling/garbage area was moved, and a doorbell was installed at the street-side door on the common house.

Another step in making the pedestrian entrance to our community more welcoming is adding a welcome sign. At move-in (fall of 2007), CoHo installed a basic sign/map at our parking lot entrance (per fire department regulations).













A natural spot for a welcome sign is the angled fence at our entryway.



Now we need to decide on sign features…

A simple “Welcome to CoHo Ecovillage”? A map of building locations? A work of art? Natural wood lettering?   Colorful weather-hardy materials?

With the experience gained selecting building colors for repainting in 2016, this may be an easy decision-making process!

Sunflowers decorated the angled fence each summer

Sunflowers decorated the angled fence each summer

P.S. A message was posted on the national cohousing list serv asking for input and photos of other communities’ signs. Responses will be posted here.

Signs at other cohousing communities….

ca-laquerencia4-mainentrance_by_pat_looney-burman ca-laquerencia5-map_by_pat_looney-burman ca-laquerencia6_notice_by_pat_looney-burman ca-pleasant_hill_by_terri_hupfer co-hearthstone co-heartwood co-nomad1_by_zev_paiss co-nomad2_by_zev_paiss nh-nubanusit1_by_mary_valler-kaplan nh-nubanusit2_by_mary_valler-kaplan az-milagro_by_john_solso ca-laquerencia1-entrance_by_pat_looney-burman ca-laquerencia2-parkinggate_by_pat_looney-burman ca-laquerencia3-mainentrance_by_pat_looney-burman az-milagro-snakewarning_by_john_solso az-milagro-maingate_by_john_solso




























































































This photo is not from a cohousing community; it is in a Corvallis neighborhood.

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