Then and Now #18 – June 2006 and June 2014


Visitors touring CoHo sometimes ask how our expectations for community prior to move-in differ from our current day-to-day reality.

Comparing “then and now” is the framework for this series of blog postings.  The source of historical perspective is the CoHo newsletters published in 2006 and 2007 (they are still available on our website).  This was an intensive time, with the primary focus on actively building the community (both in terms of actual construction of buildings and the collection of folks who would be our neighbors). 

What were our dreams in 2006?  What is our daily life like now in 2014?

First, read the original newsletter (link below), then return to this posting for current perspectives.


Issue 18 (June 2006)


D&D (aka Design and Development)

After the end of construction, D&D morphed into our Buildings Team.  Because they are so action-oriented, they streamlined their process so they have much more “hands on” time than meeting time.  Throughout the year, they track and perform a long list of preventive maintenance tasks, troubleshoot maintenance issues, and coordinate work with outside contractors.  Buildings Team gurus also develop and adjust the reserve plan to monitor the need for funds for longer-term maintenance projects (like roof replacement).

It’s interesting that some of the folks on the Interiors Subcommittee joined the Common House Team and their design sense shows.  The common house dining room recently got some nice upgrades with curtains, blinds, linens and chairs.


In line with our value of “deemphasizing the automobile,” CoHoots turn to bikes as an everyday option.

Our Bike Barn (bigger than an 8-bay garage) is home to CoHo’s bike fleet.  There are plans to shift storage of some non-bike items so there will be even more space for bikes and more ease in entering/exiting the Bike Barn.


Each spring there is a Bike Tune-Up Day; at this year’s event, folks could also place orders for bike lights from a local store.

In 2013, a Bicycle Photo Scavenger Hunt was launched.  Intergenerational teams biked around southtown looking for photo opportunities from a list of options and made a few “mandatory stops” at homes of nearby neighbors.  A slideshow of their photos and potluck rounded out the day’s festivities.  Hopefully, the Hunt will become another annual tradition.

For two years, CoHo has also hosted the Rolling Feast breakfast for a local bike club.  Two waves of hungry bikers descended on CoHo and were given a hearty breakfast.

By far the most touching and memorable biking episodes take place along The Path as CoHoots herald the antics and achievements of our 4- and 5-year olds as they learn to ride a two wheeler.


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