Sunrise Corner Community Garden

When CoHoots found a site to build our community, being in southtown was seen as a bonus since it is home to many neighborly neighbors.  Two of them–Christine and Patricia–live right across the street and are active Friends of CoHo.

While living in Massachusetts, they didn’t have much space for gardening.  Their plot in a city-owned community garden was miles away

Fortunately, Christine hooked up with other folks from a sustainability discussion group and a family with an available garden plot.  They set up a simple agreement, built 16 raised beds, and really enjoyed the experience.

The success of that small-scale community garden was very much on their minds when they purchased their current 1 1/4 acre property in 2008.  With this much space, they could offer plots in an even larger community garden.  By 2009, Sunrise Corner Community Garden was launched.

About half of the property is in cultivation with 11 gardening groups (including Patricia and Christine, and CoHo).  Experience ranges from 20 years to “just getting started.

Gardeners have use of tools, water, leaves, and chips.  Instead of paying rent, they are asked to contribute labor.  Folks who don’t want a garden plot can even exchange labor for produce.  The gardeners meet about once a month, share seeds/starts, and gardening tales.

A new addition to the garden is a great sign made by one of the gardeners.


Folks interested in gardening space or exchanging labor for produce can contact Christine at 541-758-2610.

P.S.  Why the name Sunrise Corner Community Garden?  Both Patricia and Christine are morning people, morning is their favorite time of day, and the site gets lots of sun.

P.S.  In recent years, garlic for the CoHo pantry has been grown at Sunrise Corner Community Garden.  This year’s crop is looking good!

Garlic Planting Oct 2011

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