Moving Day

Moving Day is a community affair at CoHo.  When a new renter moved in, CoHoots were there to help with the unloading.  A pitcher of ice water was a welcome addition.

Move01 Move02






Move03 Move04




There was some debate about the “fastest move-in at CoHo” (was it really only 20 minutes???), but two factors made a BIG difference.

1 — Location, location, location–a ground-floor front door is much easier to navigate when carrying heavy loads.

2 — Timing–when your moving truck pulls up during break time at a CoHo community meeting, you just stand back and watch a full cadre of CoHoots flow from the Common House at once and unload in unison.  Needless to say, our new neighbor felt very welcomed (and didn’t mind that her official “welcoming ceremony” didn’t happen for a long, long time).

The next CoHo move is scheduled to be from one end of the community to the other.  The Path will be a busy thoroughfare!

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