Everyday Pleasures at CoHo….

Here’s an email (with names changed because they don’t matter) detailing a neighbor’s delight in variations on community.

Good Evening Friends,

Tonight, after a very long day, I went down to pick up our mail and community happened without my direct interaction with anyone.  (Well not completely no interaction, more on that at the end of this.)

Waifting out to the mail boxes was the sound of two accordians accompanying two male voices singing what I took to be sea shanties.

On the way back home, I stopped to enjoy the rise of the almost full moon over our main path.  Which caused me to look up and see C. working at her computer at her dining room table, no doubt on another project to make a difference in our world.  Which got me to wondering how much community one could experience alone on the path at night.

Next I heard A. (dad) coaching K. (son) on something the words of which I couldn’t grasp, but the tone of which I could enjoy.

Then there were R. and J. (neighbors) doing yoga on R.’s floor, S. enjoying a good book in his favorite chair, and B. and L. standing and talking inside L.’s house.

Then there was that full moon again, calling me to the end of the path, where I found my neighbors’ bike trailer light alite.  After turning it off and heading home, I was rewarded with calls from P. and T. (the neighbors kids) that they were smiling.

What a life.

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