Fourth of July 2011

CoHoots were decked out in red, white & blue.

It’s now a tradition!

For the second year in a row, a CoHo contingent has added music and merriment to Corvallis’ one-of-a-kind parade, officially called the “Corvallis Annual Fabulous, Fantastic, Anyone-Can-Join Fourth of July Parade.”  This year’s repertoire featured THREE songs (up from one last year).

The Path was the site of early practice sessions.

CoHoots bike-pooled to the parade from CoHo under sunny skies.

Back home at CoHo, fireworks in the parking lot dazzled onlookers.

After some preliminary music-only rehearsals, CoHoots combined music with marching up and down The Path.

The CoHo contingent was one of the largest in the parade.

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