Post Thanksgiving Persimmon Moment

CoHo is fortunate to have some amazing fruit trees and we have learned to enjoy the year-to-year variations in harvest.  This is a great year for our persimmons!  Here’s what one persimmon lover had to say about this year’s crop.


“My first hachiya persimmon ripened today. When I felt it’s soft jelly texture, how I anticipated biting into it. But first, I ate my leftover turkey and gravy with cranberry-orange relish for lunch. Then, the moment came. I caressed the tender fruit and took a bite. Ah! the creamy, gelatinous mass filled my mouth with it’s gentle persimmon flavor. The thin skin gave my teeth a means to enjoy the experience as well. And then, many slurpy bites latter, it’s gone. Now I look forward to persimmon ice cream, persimmon on French toast, and who knows what else. Yea, for wintery fruit! Yea for the hachiya, teaching us patience before rewarding us with a taste of heaven!”

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