CoHo Kids Are Into “RAP”

Although all of our kids are magnificently incredibly musically talented entertainers, this "RAP" refers to another type of activity. Our CoHo business meetings end with a round of appreciations, where folks can express their thanks for a variety of good deeds. The kids created an appreciation project that extends throughout the year. Here's their latest message....

R and S's Random Appreciation Project

Hi CoHo Residents and Associate Members.  We want to replicate the Random Appreciation project that X did a couple of years ago.  It will include all CoHo members, including associate members.  Here is our plan:

1) Every month, we'll make a list of names of people to do appreciations for.  We'll try to do it during their birthday month, but sometimes it will be a little earlier to later so that none of the lists are too long.

2) We will send out those names and request that folks please write something they appreciate, like, or enjoy about each of those people and give it back to us.  Please try to think of something nice to say for each person. After we get them, we'll type them up so that there's one anonymous list for each person.  We'll decorate the lists and deliver them to those people.

3) Every month, we'll repeat this for some new people, so that everyone gets appreciated once during the year.

Make sense?

If you have nay questions, feel free to ask S or R.

Thank you!


RAP Feedback Sheet



The decorated lists that arrive after your birthday month are treasured mementos of life at CoHo.

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