Thanksgiveaway — A New Regifting Tradition at CoHo

A new tradition was added to CoHo’s Thanksgiving celebration (potluck dinner on Thursday and dessert potluck on Friday).  Here’s the email describing the regifting event.

“You are invited to the First Annual CoHo Thanksgiveaway! Take a moment and look around your space. Choose one to three like-new items that would make great gifts – fun, useful, or beautiful things that you can do without, but that someone else would love to have.

Then, on the day after Thanksgiving, aka Buy Nothing Day, bring your things to the Common House for the Thanksgiveaway and help start a new tradition –  a celebration of abundance that doesn’t involve purchasing, but makes gifts of what we already have. Find something you like, and take it home with you, keep it for yourself, or gift it to friends or family.

Here’s how we think the CoHo ThanksGiveAway will work:

1. Starting at 10 AM Friday morning, bring 1-3 items to the Common House dining room and display them on the table(s) provided.

2. Come to the Dessert Potluck that begins at 6:30 P.M.

3. At an appointed time, likely around 7 PM or whenever we have a critical mass, select up to the same number of gifts that you brought.

4. Enjoy and engage in the generosity and abundance of our community!

You may bring more than 3 items if you feel moved to do so, and, you don’t need to take as many items as you bring if you don’t want to. You also don’t need to bring an item to come to the dessert potluck.

Any items left over after the event will be available to be reclaimed by the donor on Saturday.  On Sunday, any unclaimed items will become “free box” items.’

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