Then and Now #10 – April 2006 and April 2014


Visitors touring CoHo sometimes ask how our expectations for community prior to move-in differ from our current day-to-day reality.

Comparing “then and now” is the framework for this series of blog postings.  The source of historical perspective is the CoHo newsletters published in 2006 and 2007 (they are still available on our website).  This was an intensive time, with the primary focus on actively building the community (both in terms of actual construction of buildings and the collection of folks who would be our neighbors). 

What were our dreams in 2006?  What is our daily life like now in 2014?

First, read the original newsletter (link below), then return to this posting for current perspectives.


Cohousing in Corvallis, Issue 10 – April 2006


During the development phase of our project, groundbreaking was a major milestone.  It was a tangible signal that all of our time/effort invested in the project and in each other was paying off and our dream of living as neighbors was becoming a reality within the foreseeable future.

A quick replay of blog posts in the “celebrations” category on our blog shows that celebrations continue to be a heartwarming feature of community life.

By virtue of their nature/timing, some celebrations heralded one-time events:

…the 1,000th plate of food served at common meals in January, 2008, just a few months after move-in

…our 5-year move-in anniversary (featuring a game show of CoHo trivia)

…a couple’s 10th wedding anniversary (CoHoots dressed up in their own wedding finery)

…dedication of Poetree

…farewell to Libby (a service dog in training who lived at CoHo for 18 months)

…dedication of solar art installation in the Common House

…and of course, November 11th, 2011 (11/11/11) which is distinctly a one-time event

Some events happen sporadically or as the spirit moves us…

At various times, CoHoots have taken part in da Vinci Days art challenges, Maypole dances, cider pressing, garlic tasting, 4th of July parade marching band, and contra/folk dancing.

Other celebrations have become a predictable part of life at CoHo…

…Welcome ceremonies (when new owners, renters and associate members join the community)

…Madrigal (growing stronger every year with a larger cast and more costumes)

…New Years Day flotilla on Crystal Lake (actually started prior to move-in)

…New Years Eve in the common house (with “midnight” at 9pm)

…Hanukkah (with traditional foods, candles, and dancing)

…Thanksgiving (including a turkey made from a squash)

…Halloween (CoHo is now a popular destination in southtown Corvallis)

…Talent Show (we have very talented CoHoots that perform for a very appreciative audience)

…Kindergarten ceremony (new rituals are being designed for older kids)

…Fathers Day barbecue

…Birthday parties (for young and old)

…Wellness Retreat (twice a year since well before move-in)

So far, two notable celebrations have NOT occurred at CoHo–no weddings and no memorial services.

P.S.  All sorts of dignitaries attended our groundbreaking.  Now CoHo has its own dignitary.  A resident is currently serving as President of the Corvallis City Council.



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