What do all of these things have in common?

  • Provide carrot, celery, onion, plus one more cup of split peas to make soup
  • Take my shift on clean-up for tomorrow’ s common meal
  • Return my library books
  • Buy USB mouse
  • Borrow copy of Hunger Games
  • Use fax machine
  • Get advice on ergonomics (after substantially increasing my keyboarding time on new job)
  • Borrow a blackboard for a week or so
  • Pick up cardboard for sheet mulching project
  • Want advice on setting up a home sound system for recording my sons’ music
  • Volunteers in my grade school classroom
  • Finding queen-sized sheets left in laundry room
  • Borrow gear for an ethnic costume
  • Borrow a CD or tape player for long drive
  • Advice/info on scam phone calls
  • Borrow coolers to store frozen food while cleaning freezer
  • Small amount of chicken wire to protect a tree
  • Help converting pdf files into Word format
  • Ride from train station and/or info on bus service from train station
  • Looking for car-free family to join panel at upcoming climate change conference
  • Donate beans from kids bean box no longer in use
  • Give away base kitchen cabinets
  • Borrow car to watch family member’s sports competition

They are requests shared via CoHoChat, an email list for CoHoots including Friends of CoHo and Associate Members.

When you know/trust your neighbors, it’s easy to toss out requests for information, coaching, items, and chores, and it’s easy to offer help.  Gratitude is freely shared during the “appreciations” section at the conclusion of our business and community life meetings (a fun way to learn about all of the special interactions between neighbors in our sharing, caring community).

Sometimes the hardest part is remembering to send a follow-up email (usually titled GOT IT!) so your neighbors know your request has been fulfilled and to please stop dropping off those toilet paper rolls for your kid’s art project.  On the other hand, you probably also know that another neighbor could use the toilet paper rolls for her gerbils or you could put out another email asking who would now like your monumental stash!

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