It’s January — Time to Share/Exchange/Swap/Giveaway Seeds

A CoHoot’s invitation tells the tale….

“I am hosting a seed share/exchange/swap/giveaway at the Coho common house from 10 to 11 am on Saturday Jan 25th.


Even though it was 25 degrees last night and the sun is setting by 5 pm, it’s still time to get the seeds out and see what you have and what you might want.


Bring what you have–it could be seeds you purchased or seeds you saved.

If you have nothing, that’s OK–come anyway and take some seeds home.

If you have extra catalogs (even from previous years) bring those as useful references and to give away.

IMG_0226Bring envelopes (used is just fine) or scrap paper for labeling and wrapping seeds in.”

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