Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow….And Then MELT!!!


Snow in Corvallis is generally a 1 or 2-day wonder followed by a quick melt.

Not this year.

Snow fell steadily on Friday, December 6th amidst cheers of “no school today!” echoing down the path.


Although the snow was powdery and not suitable for constructing lots of snowmen and snow forts, it was good for sledding and skiing.



Or skiing AND sledding combined.


Some resourceful CoHoots found a way to fashion a snow cave out of a picnic table and cardboard boxes.


Then frigid temps kept the snow around for days.  School was cancelled on Monday AND Tuesday AND Wednesday AND Thursday.  Most holiday events around the city were cancelled as well.


CoHoots filled bird feeders every day, sometimes bringing them inside to thaw out.

A wet rain (not the freezing rain that had been predicted) melted most of the snow on Thursday and by Friday, Corvallis emerged from the snowy doldrums.




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