A Tale of Falling Trees at CoHo

Mother Nature periodically sends reminders that we are interdependent.

In 2007, CoHo’s grandmother Oak (a 300 to 400-year old beauty anchoring the east end of our property) fell down just five minutes after we had planted our first new tree on the property.  (See photo album – 2007 Planting Party and Farewell to the Old Oak)


In 2013, an unusually warm spring led to a bumper crop of plums on the two trees in front of the common house.  The bumper crop couldn’t be carried by one of the trees and sadly, we lost the tree and the plums.


And then, in September 2013, a mighty storm brought fierce winds and down came a large limb from our neighbor’s tree.

Tree 1

Our parking lot was temporarily blocked and two vehicles were damaged–one seriously.

Tree 2

The owner of the other vehicle was out of town, but CoHoots handled the logistics for temporary shelter and having the rear window repaired (and sent the owner a “bad news / good news” email).

Tree 3

Though losing trees is not exactly a welcome “tradition” at CoHo, the community support to deal with each loss is comforting.

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