Label It And They Will Come….

Sparky, an NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle with a neighborhood-sized smaller travel radius), had been solo at CoHo for several years.

Sparky had a cozy spot next to the workshop and a vital link to a source of power–an electric outlet.


Sparky was content, but sometimes yearned for a like-minded companion.  What would happen if Sparky “invited” a partner by painting a sign in the very next spot–something catchy like “EV Only” (EV= electric vehicle) with an electric plug?

EV Only

It worked!

Soon Sparky had a new neighbor–Red Watt.  Although Red Watt has a much larger travel radius (all the way to Eugene and back!), there’s no jealousy.  After all, Red Watt plugs in just like Sparky.

Red Watt and Sparky Unite

The quiet purring of two neighborly metallic companions  can sometimes be heard on a peaceful Oregon evening.

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