Behind The Scenes at CoHo….

Behind the scenes at CoHo there is a cadre of handy folks whose work sometimes goes unseen and unheralded.

The Buildings Team (and assorted additional volunteers) tackle an impressive list of preventive maintenance tasks every month.  Life at CoHo goes along more smoothly because of their due diligence.

Although Buildings Team isn’t into “meetings” they’ve had a “meeting of the minds” about how to keep CoHo in good repair.

A long list of tasks was built, along with instruction sheets explaining how the tasks are done.  A schedule was set up on an annual basis so one-time and more frequent tasks could be tracked.  An administrative person sends reminders and instruction files.

Some tasks are completed by CoHoots (individually or at organized work parties); other tasks are arranged via contractors.  Notes on steps taken are added to the instruction files so there is up-to-date info for the next scheduled maintenance.  All of the files are stored in CoHo’s intranet site so they are easily accessible.

Tasks cover a wide variety of structures and systems…

Dish sterilizer maintenance

Dryer vent cleaning

Foundation drain sump inspection

Fire alarm testing

Buildings exterior inspections

Fire extinguisher testing

Caulking and painting

HRV maintenance

Balcony paver cleaning

Site backflow preventer testing

Furnace inspection

Roof and gutter care

Mechanical room inspections

Parking lot maintenance

Site weatherization

Equipment maintenance

…and PV panel cleaning.  A CoHoot recently coordinated hiring a contractor to clean solar panels on residents’ units.

SolarAlthough preventive maintenance may not be an attention-getting feature of life in community, it’s a key element of working together to keep living expenses reasonable.  And it should be a feature you check out when you are deciding to buy a unit in an existing community.

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