Poetree (aka Poetry Pole) Dedication

Once upon a time, a CoHoot dreamt of a poetry pole in her own front yard–a place where she could share a new poem each week with folks strolling by.  When she moved to CoHo, she sponsored poetry readings and gently nurtured her dream.

poetry01Finally, she had a spot (in front of her CoHo unit) and found the artisans to create her poetry pole.  Magically, her vision and the artisan’s sketch were one-in-the-same!

Let the digging begin!


Let the toting, and hoisting, and “planting” commence!


Appreciate the “hidden” inscription by the artisans…


…and post the first poem in the poetry pole (soon to be renamed “The Poetree”).


Then celebrate with a dedication on a sunny summer day…


Enjoy the artisans’ tale of the construction of the piece with all natural elements, followed by a poem.  And another…  And another….


Add an ice cream social, a sale of the artisan’s bird and pollinator houses, a potluck/barbecue at the Old Oak, and a poetry reading and you have a one-of-a-kind CoHo event.

Poetry08 Poetry09

See Photos page for more photos of this ongoing adventure.




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