“Food Play”–Inside and Outside the Common House

A sunny summer day is a great time to enjoy fresh, local food!

CoHoots inside and outside the Common House took a slightly different approach, but the results were equally “delicious.”

Outside the Common House, a group assembled in suitable summer attire next to two small wading pools and a table of goodies.




Next step–apply food liberally to all surfaces!



















The pools came in handy for the clean-up phase of the operation.


At the same time, a crew was inside the common house preparing dinner, including a BIG pot of green beans and carrot souffle.








This item on the menu looks like it could have been enjoyed outside!!!  Can you guess the ingredients???  (hint–see below)

MealPrep03 It’s the dressing for “Strangely Addictive Kale and Almond Butter Salad” which features almond butter, limes (juice and zest), garlic, ginger, dates, tamari, apple cider vinegar, hemp seeds, ground pepper and water.

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