Bicycle Club “Rolling Feast” Breakfast at CoHo – May 18, 2013


CoHoots hosted the breakfast stop for a local bike club’s annual “Rolling Feast.”

Bikers came in two waves–the early, hard-core, fast-moving bikers and the laid back, easy going, chatty bikers.


They were treated to vegetable frittata (using 72 eggs!), bagels, gluten-free scones, oatmeal with lots of toppings, cider from our fall cider pressing, and an amazing mound of fresh strawberries from the Farmer’s Market (artfully arranged by a young volunteer).


CoHoots pitched in with meal prep, clean-up, and the early-morning pick-up of berries, bagels, and coffee.


After quick tours of CoHo which highlighted our Bike Barn, the bikers departed for a short/long ride (depending on their fancy), followed by another feast at lunch.

And the Head Chef washed the last dirty dish (before he biked to the lunch stop)….


Visit our photo albums to see more photos of this event.

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