CoHo’s Fourth Annual Madrigal Celebration

Every year, CoHoots enrich our traditional Madrigal celebration.  In 2013, performances were held two nights in a row on a three-day weekend.


The cast expanded to a dozen singers and multiple musicians.  More CoHoots and guests wore costumes.  All enjoyed the frequent refrain–HaZAA!!!–throughout the performance and multi-course meal.


The kitchen crew was busy all night, serving course after course.


As usual, the tale of the evening had drama and tears.  But by the end of the festivities, the three feuding royal families had reconciled, celebrating their reunion with a kazoo chorus and a final song in the atrium.


The set-up was altered so the singers could benefit from the amazing acoustics in our atrium tower.  Table set-up shifted as well with long banquet tables filling the grand hall.


New banners graced the walls; they were later hung in our living room to enjoy all year long.  As predicted, no one can resist stroking the tassels.





For many more Madrigal photos, see the Photo album section on our website/blog.

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