It’s Kitten Season at CoHo (Again!)

Peachie (blond male), Strawberry (gray female clutching the mouse), and Shortcake (gray female in back) are happy to be at CoHo.

Foster kittens #61, #62, and #63 (aka Peachie, Strawberry and Shortcake) recently arrived at CoHo for socialization and plumping up (they must weigh a minimum of 2 pounds prior to spay/neuter surgery).

Kids of all ages visit the kittens in their playpen.

This litter was already weaned, potty-box saavy, and scratch-box trained.  Heavenly!!

Setting up the cages and playpen area takes about 4 hours.  They’ll be in place for 6+ months to care for two or three litters each summer/fall.

Living room BEFORE…







…and AFTER the playpen has been set up.

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