Farewell to Libby

In November 2010, CoHo said hello to Libby, an 8-week old lab.  She lived with her foster mom for 18 months and is now ready for more intensive training as a service dog.

Libby was ALL kisses!

Libby’s farewell party was held under the Old Maple Tree behind building 8.  Libby’s foster mom explained what Libby’s training would be like and what kinds of assignments she might get after trainers evaluate her skills.

One of Libby’s possible jobs is becoming a mom and raising more service dogs.

Party goers hugged Libby, ate cake and goodies, fed lots of doggie treats to Libby, and said goodbye to one of our favorite neighbors.

One of Libby’s many special friends.

Libby was having so much fun, it was hard to her to stop wiggling long enough to pose for her farewell photo.



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