It’s a BIG Job, But Somebody’s Got To Do It!

On work party days, CoHoots assemble at the Common House to hear about the chores for the day and volunteer for work teams.

Two chores for the lunch crew were tackled by three eager CoHo kids.

What’s for lunch? Lots and lots and lots of food….

The luncheon menu includes lots of leftovers from community meals, plus additional items made that day.  Everything needs a label, so the kids cut apart the labels to help diners know what was being offered.

The luncheon menu also included sunflower sprouts.  The harvest is a BIG job as each delicate green gem must be plucked, trimmed, and washed.

The sprouts were grown from seed from the sunflowers that grew at a CoHo entrance.

These sunflowers got a late start so aren’t too tall. Just wait ’til next year!


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