New Years’ Day at CoHo

Though the water level was down, spirits were up as CoHoots once again celebrated the New Year with a flotilla on Crystal Lake, the body of water adjoining CoHo.  The usual launch site was high and dry, so CoHoots scooted down a steeper path just behind our Old Oak.

CoHoots started this tradition of a New Years’ Day float even before we moved onto our site in 2007.

Each year the watercraft changes, but big smiles are always on board.

Meanwhile, other folks (including CoHoots and South Corvallis neighbors) were witnessing a demonstration of the creation of biochar, a substance that greatly enhances soil quality by providing lots of nooks and crannies for soil microbes et al to gather and multiply.

At dinner time, CoHoots enjoyed the annual tamale feast in our Common House.  Tamales were made by hand the day before.  Having lots of helping hands is a big plus when making a large quantity of yummy tamales.

Leftover tamales will be saved for our next work party lunch.

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