Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…The Work Party Goes On!

Snowflakes were a welcome greeting on a chilly Sunday morning in January as CoHoots enjoyed a 3-day weekend.

With the snowfall, one more chore was added–shoveling show.

CoHoots tackled a variety of chores–cleaning out the tool area, sharpening tools, tuning up lawn mowers, storing hoses, and reinforcing compost bins.

Warm cider from the October cider pressing was a nice finish to the afternoon and a nice transition into the 4:30pm business meeting.

Spreading bark chips and/or leaves is a task for most work parties.

Our compost area keeps growing. It is “fed” regularly by residents.

There isn’t much “lawn” to mow at CoHo, but folks really enjoy the “green circle” in front of the Common House.

Hoses get tucked away for the winter; they’re stored in our Bike Barn.

The mostly-empty greenhouse was a good spot for cleaning garden tools.

The garden tool area in the Bike Barn also got a good sweeping.

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