How Many CoHoots Does It Take to Plant A Tree?

This photo was taken from the second floor balcony on Building 1

One CoHoot to have a birthday and ask for a tree as a gift.

One CoHoot to be married to the birthday guy and have the skills to organize a tree-planting party.

Several CoHoots to pick up the tree from the nursery and transport it to CoHo.


Several CoHoots to discuss how deep the hole should be dug, dig the hole, then dig it deeper.


Several CoHoots to discuss how to plant the tree, then plant the tree.

Several CoHoots to populate the peanut gallery, enjoy the refreshments, and cheer on the diggers and planters.

One CoHoot to light a fire to keep members of the peanut gallery warm.

One CoHoot to walk a dog so the owner can join the peanut gallery.

A girl’s best friend….

Several CoHoot kids to dance around and make merriment.

One CoHoot to take photos to document how many CoHoots it takes to plant a tree.

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