Cider Fest 2011

The outdoor crew had a tasting station set up to enjoy the “fruits of our labor.”

It’s fall at CoHo–time for our annual cider pressing.

This year CoHo was given a cider press (see blog article “Cider Pressing–subtitle: Who Knows About the Nose?”).  So after refurbishing and a test run, we were ready to go.

Happily, good weather appeared.  Unhappily, so did a grinding noise that signaled all was not well with the crushing mechanism in the cider press.

With boxes and boxes and boxes of apples to process, the day was saved when a rental press was quickly located.

The indoor crew prepped apples as the first part of the process and bottled the juice as the last part of the process.

The pressing crew used the rental press to grind the apples, and both presses to press the apples into juice.  At times, the apple-chopping crew at the front end of the process, and the apple pasteurizing crew at the end of the process could not keep up with the pressing crew.

Just a FEW more boxes to go!

Donated apples came from several local orchards.

Forty gallons later, the crew celebrated with a potluck meal and freezers chock full of awesome apple cider.  Plus a resident captured some of the bounty and will let it sit for a year.  Mmmmmmmmmm….

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