Sunshine and Rainbows, Part 3

After an initial trial of temporary panels in February (see blog entry “Sunshine and Rainbows”) and another trial of a more intricate pattern (see blog entry “Sunshine and Rainbows, Part 2”), solar artist Peter Erskine completed his installation.  On a cloudy, rainy day.  Oh well.  Any day now, we’ll be able to see spectacular rainbows across the walls of the Common House entry and other rooms, either directly or by reflections.

The lift that Peter rented filled the entire atrium of the Common House.

Peter rented a lift to reach the high windows of the two-story tower in our Common House.

Hey–could you dust the ceiling while you’re up there???

A dedication of Peter’s solar art piece (followed by a tour of CoHo) is set for Sunday, October 16th in the morning (when the sun will hopefully show up to show off Peter’s artistry).

Check out Peter’s work at

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