Welcome Weekend – July 22-24, 2011

2006 and 2007 – 16

2010 – 1

2011 – 2

What’s the significance of these years and tallies?

The dates represent the timing of CoHo Welcome Weekends–activity-packed episodes to meet and greet folks who were interested in becoming our neighbors.

The tallies represent the number of Welcome Weekends held in each timeframe.

After moving into our homes in 2007, Welcome Weekends halted as we shifted to unpacking, planting gardens, going to meetings (with a much shorter commute time), raising families, enjoying community meals, hanging out on The Path, and getting to know our neighbors.

In 2010, we revived Welcome Weekends and in 2011, we’re doubling up with two fun-filled weekends (February and July).

Here’s an overview.

And one more note….

There are many options to connect with community members during Welcome Weekend.  Visitors are encouraged to attend some or all of the events based on their interest and energy level.  Folks interested in actively pursuing membership need to attend one social event, the community meeting, and the Q&A session with our membership team.

CoHo Ecovillage Welcome Weekend

Friday, July 22nd through Sunday, July 24th

It’s time to check out cohousing in Corvallis!

If you’re interested in creating connections with an intergenerational community that cultivates both social and ecological sustainability, visit us for Welcome Weekend and see how life changes when you…

  • know your 33 closest neighbors (and their kids and their pets)
  • work on collaborative teams and make decisions by consensus
  • share abundance with homegrown food and music and celebrations
  • work together on long-range plans for the community
  • give and receive support in living green


Friday evening, July 22nd

Welcome, vegetarian potluck dinner (no peanuts), sustainability session with Resilience Network Funshop on Solar Cooking with Lorraine Anderson, author of Cooking with Sunshine

Saturday, July 23rd


Bike Brigade to Farmers Market

2pm:  Orientation and site tour (a joint session for Welcome Weekend visitors plus Public Tour visitors);includes tour of units for resale

Community meal followed by music and merriment

Sunday, July 24th

Breakfast with Welcome Weekend Hosts

CoHo 1/2-day work party

Community business meeting

Membership Team Q&A (ending 4:30pm)


Reservations not needed for folks coming only to the 2:00pm Public Tour.

Contact Andy at 541-231-0239

1975 SE Crystal Lake Drive, Corvallis, Oregon  97333, www.cohoecovillage.org

7 years in development…3 1/2 years living on-site…a lifetime to share

2014 Update

We no longer offer Welcome Weekends, but there are many other ways to Connect With CoHo.

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