Cider Pressing (subtitle: Who Knows About the Nose?)

Every fall, CoHoots enjoy pressing cider (at least during years when the apple harvest is good).

Every fall, we have borrowed a cider press.

No more!!!

The press was set up in our workshop for inspection, cleaning, and repair.

A cider press was given to the community and CoHoots converged on the workshop to refurbish this amazing low-tech wonder.

Parts were disassembled, cleaned, adjusted, and reassembled.  Various surfaces for the main chute were discussed.

And several visitors marveled at the “masthead” decorating the front of the unit.  A well-seasoned smudge on the nose of the masthead sparks the imagination.  Were cider-pressers irresistibly drawn to touch this cute little appendage?  Was it blackened by apple juice dripping over the top?  Was it rusted from disuse?  Was it bruised from falling head first into a vat of apples?  How will this nasal mystery be solved??????????????????

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