Sunshine and Rainbows

Rainbows dance all around inside the CoHo Common House.

February at CoHo brought sunshine, a ladder propped up on the outside of the Common House, an artist at work, and an ever-changing array of CoHoots exclaiming “ooh” and “ah.” CoHo resident Peter Erskine is a solar artist and is designing an installation for CoHo’s Common House.  He mounted three temporary panels of various sizes (3 to 5″ high) on the outside windows of the Common House 2-story tower to evaluate the intensity, size, and location of the resulting rainbows. When his artistic vision is complete, he will mount panels on the inside of the tower windows.  The Common House team will be taking advantage of his high perch to hand him a dust mop to snag cobwebs that are very, very hard to reach. Check out Peter’s work at

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