In south Corvallis (the neighborhood that includes CoHo Ecovillage), the term “SHARE” has an added meaning.  SHARE stands for Southtown Harvest and Resource Exchange.

A few neighbors on a very neighborly street in southtown started exchanging extra produce from their gardens.  Then, as neighborly neighbors are wont to do, they started sharing meals, tools, resources, celebrations, and so on.

Now SHARE meets about once a month at neighbors’ homes/yards, where folks share great potluck dishes, plant starts, info on gardening issues, equipment, ideas, recipes, you name it. SHARE has a google group for staying in touch.

The Bean Project described in another CoHo blog posting originated with SHARE.

During harvest season, SHARE has two produce exchanges on Monday and Thursday nights at different locations.  Folks are encouraged to bring foods to share and take some back home.

At one session, a neighbor gave a threshing and winnowing demonstration.  Lots of work!  Makes you appreciate the entire food growing/processing cycle.

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